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Joevaness Wicked Wotsit (Tasha) 10.10.01 to 09.01.13

Baby girl Tasha you came into my life after Cathy Summers spoke to me at the Blofield weekend show in September. I'd lost my rescue dog rosie in the March and was struggling to deal with it. Cathy owned Queenie and said a relation to her dog was expecting puppies. Kit Clow then spoke with me and gave me the details and i made the call to Vanessa.

This is your journey!!

Kit and Karen Springett were to collect you for me as I was booked on a training weekend with Tyla on a Sylvia Bishop course. Kit and Karen dropped you off at our home and you spent the day exploring your new home with Michael (your dad) you were put in your pen for a sleep. When Tyla and i returned I was so excited to meet you but concerned how Tyla would react as he wasnt good around other dogs. But he was so pleased to see you and wouldnt leave you alone. We let you out of your pen and Tyla chased you behind the sofa, which is where you stayed for sometime whilst Tyla waited for you to come out. Eventually you did come out only to have a Tyla paw splat you on your head. You werent impressed and you told him off. It broke the ice and after that Tyla knew you were in charge. If he came near you when you were eating or chewing a bone you just had to give him that look and he would back off. In the garden you would chase him and hang off his long tail. He adored you and worshipped the ground you walked on.

We started training for competing at shows. It wasnt easy and you always questioned what and why we were doing things, but at 18mths you were in the ring competing in novice and getting placed. You were loving it!! you won out of novice the following year and was now in the a class again getting good placings. A year later and you had won out of a. you enjoyed working in b getting placed regularly you even got a first but you struggled with stays. Hey ho it didnt matter not to me.

Then suddenly in April of 2007 our Tyla died. It was an awful time. You holwed like a wolf for 2 days, but we pulled ourselves together and went for lots and lots of walks and concerntrated on our training. Then another bomb shell, after 16yr together Michael decided to end our marriage, gutted. So in the space of a couple of months we lost Tyla and your dad. To make matters worse we had to sell our home and move in with my mum and dad. All through this you were by my side. We settled into life in our new home. You seemed happy again bossing your Nana's collies about all day long.

Then one day I met someone new, the only problem was he lived over 100 miles away. Eventually, though, you and me left Essex and moved to Lincolnshire. It was hard, especially for you cos you now without your mates to play with, but we popped back to Essex whenever we could. Phil (your new dad) spoilt you rotten and you made him melt. Your friendship began.

We moved again (all of us) some months later. We bought a bungalow with a large garden. You loved it, always exploring. We decided it was time to get you a playmate, even though by now you were 9 but so full of life. and so I made the call once more to vanessa.

Trilby was born in November. a few weeks went by and we went for a visit to pick which one we wanted. Another few weeks and we made that journey again to collect our fluff ball. You came too, but the look on your face made us laugh, you really wasn't impressed. When we got home we got you out of the van first and popped you in the garden, ready to meet your new friend.

Trilby was in my arms as we came through the gate, I popped him on the lawn only to see you come charging at him. I scooped him up, was worried that you didnt like him. He would try and make friends with you but you would walk away. I think you were sulking!!

Your dad (Phil) worked from home and so neither of you were ever on your on for long. Phil would tell me that whilst I was at work you would play with Trilby but in front of me you didn't want to know him!

After a few weeks that changed and you both became the best of friends. You never took any "crap" though putting Trilby in his place if he over stepped the mark.

As you were now 9 we decided it was time you retired from competing and so Trilby's story began. but no! you Tasha decided you wanted to work and whenever we did some training with the boy you would push him out of the way. Oh how we laughed!! If you didnt get your own way you would bark and bark.

This Christmas 2012 you were starting to slow down. All of a sudden you seemed old but you still went for a run every day in the park. We would put you in the van and you and Trilby would bark along together until we reached the park, there you would leap from the van and run free chasing the boy until you exhausted.

Now so suddenly you're gone and we are left heart broken.

Tasha, you were my sole mate. You got me through so much in life. I'm gonna miss our hugs and chats. You always listened to me when I was feeling low or sad.

Tasha, you were adored. You will always be in our thoughts and hearts always, love you baby girl. Run free now at the bridge, go find your mates, brothers, sisters and your mum lexi. I'm gonna miss you so much. The house is too quiet and Trilby looks so sad, but I'm gonna try really hard now and train Trilby as best as I can and hope he does well.


Bamboozle Blunder Buss (Murphy): 22/4/96 - 19/7/08                      

Owned and loved by Betty and Malc Williamson

Gone to Rainbow Bridge, twelve years gone too soon, thought you'd go on forever.  Life will never be the same, you are missed so very much, the house is so quiet.

Blunder Buss, your show name suited your character to a tee.  Achieving just your novice wins, one with Mum and one with your dear friend Gary whom you adored.  Heelwork was hop, skip and surge ahead but retrieve you absolutely loved, didn't matter what it was you'd run out at a hundred miles an hour and bring whatever it was back.  You had a super attitude to life and really were the class clown, what a great happy boy you were.  Now free from pain go find Shep, Cherie, Kymie, Rosie and Tyla at Rainbow Bridge and play all day.

Goodnight, God Bless sweetheart. Love and miss you so much.  

Mum, Dad and Nicky, Zak, Gyp and Tasha. x


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Delanor Dazzlin Zak: 4/7/00 - 9/2/11

OWNED AND LOVED BY Betty & Malc Williamson

Our beautiful boy had to leave us so early.  Diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disorder April 2009, due to your back, you then had regular checkups with the specialist and with tablets we managed your condition.

You were unwell on 5th Feb. Our vet. thought it was pain in your back.  On 7th Feb we took you to the specialist who found a lump in your neck.  We bought you home and made arrangements to have the lump aspirated at our vets on the Wed, however, on Tues. You could hardly walk and we took you back to the specialist, the lump had changed in just 24 hours.  You stayed at the veterinary hospital and they took a sample of the lump.  It was a secondary aggressive cancer tumour.  After talking to the specialist we did not want to put you through any more pain as you were not going to win this battle.  We went to be with you while the specialist let you slip peacefully away.

Our hearts have been ripped apart by your loss, but you are no longer in any pain.   You can run with all the others now sweetheart and one day we will meet again at Rainbow Bridge.  Night, Night, God Bless.

Love and miss you so very much
Mum, Dad, Nicky and all the family x